Preceptorship at Harrogate District Foundation NHS Trust is a protected two-year programme that is fully supported by our Chief Nurse and the Nursing Management Team. The programme focuses upon the achievement of clinical and professional competence and is designed to meet the specific needs of the Preceptee.

All Newly qualified nurses are allocated two preceptors, one being an experienced practitioner and the other a nurse who has recently been through the HDFT Preceptorship programme, together they work alongside the Practice Educator to guide and support the Preceptee.

Newly qualified nurses are grouped into Cohorts for study days, clinical supervision and to promote peer support; each Cohort has its own Facebook group. The programme provides the opportunity to rotate to other areas in the Trust after a period of time – usually after twelve months. First years NMC registration fees paid.

The Details
  • You will join a cohort for study days, clinical supervision and to provide you with peer support,
  • Monthly study days in your first year and quarterly days in your second year with speakers to develop your clinical practice
  • A dedicated practice educator in your clinical area to help you provide high quality care
  • Protected time away from your day job to learn, reflect and share
  • Time with experienced nurses to learn new skills, find out about career progression and discuss your challenges etc.
  • To welcome you to our Trust, your first year of NMC registration fees will be paid
Your practice educators will start to provide you with support as soon as you have received your conditional offer. They will:
  • Send regular keep in touch emails
  • Invite you to a keeping in touch event where you can come and meet the practice educators and other newly qualified nurses who will be starting with you
  • Organise and book your induction and training
  • Provide information about how and when to order uniforms
Did you know that you can register to work as a care support worker while you wait for your PIN?

HDFT 2-Year Preceptorship & Development Package

1st year – Monthly study days

Group Supervision – Opportunity to discuss work related and patient based  clinical problems experienced by group members within supportive peer group,  exploring solutions, a chance to debrief, de-stress and move forwards

Problem based learning – Presentation of predetermined complex clinical  scenarios, group work to develop critical thinking and solutions in response to  scenarios, focusing on patient care during admission and post discharge,  followed by group feedback to enhance shared learning

Clinical skills and updates 

Sessions where Managers, Matrons, and Nurse Specialist provide talks and  training   A Competency and development folder to support you to demonstrate ability  designed to aid you in preparation for revalidation

Guest Speakers include:
  • Critical Care Outreach Team – CCOT
  • Discharge Liaison Team
  • Tissue Viability Nurse – TVN
  • Palliative Care Nurse
  • Cardiac Nurse Specialist
  • Continence Nurse Specialist
  • Trauma Co-ordinator
  • Risk Management Team
  • Speech and Language Therapy Team
  • Ortho-Geriatricians
  • Members of Nursing Management e.g. Chief Nurse, Deputy Chief Nurse, Heads of Nursing
  • Director of Organisational Development
Clinical Training:
  • PICC & Hickman Line Training
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring & Hypo Treatment
  • NG Management and Ph. Testing
  • Bladder Scanning and Catheter Care & Management
  • Bowel Care and PR Examination
  • Patients Discharge Planning
  • Pressure Area Care & Management

Additional Training Courses:

Intermediate Life Support  |  Deteriorating patient  |  Fundamentals of Care  |  Key Clinical Skills  |  Medicines Management  |  IV Administration

2nd year – Study days every 3 months

Action Learning – Group work to identify real issues and concerns from practice and develop strategies to manage situations which are acted upon and result fed back at next session
Leadership – Presentation and group work focusing on key aspects of leadership development including; time management, team roles, supervision, delegation and change and conflict management Career Clinics to help guide your future in nursing
Nurse in Charge Role – Completing the trust competency to aid development Complex Discharge Planning
Extended Clinical Skills – Training and competency assessment in additional
clinical skills that are appropriate to your work area
Becoming a mentor
Revalidation Preparation
These study sessions are mandatory and are supported by the Trust

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"I found the preceptorship days very useful and beneficial to my practice development as a newly qualified nurse. I found the guest speakers such as Tissue Viability nurses, Parkinson’s Nurses and Acute Pain Nurse very interesting and gained a lot of information for when in practice on the ward."

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